Satellite Performs Phoenix
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Bath House Cultural Center, White Rock Lake
9th Annual Contemporary Dance Festival Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art
Phoenix - Escape from Entrapment into empowered flight!
Choreography by Mary Lynn Babcock
pictured:  Jessica Thomas and Taryn Thompkins with Guest Cassie Farzan Panah
photography:  Milton Adams

From - performance at 9th Annual Contempory Dance Festival at the Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art.
Of the pieces presented, three really stood out: “Phoenix” choreographed by Mary Lynn Babcock for Satellite Dance…The dance was filled with sharp punctuating full-body movements, angular cartwheeling arms and legs, and intricate weight-sharing coupled with Isadora Duncan-inspired attention to breath and the power of the solar plexus.
The movement was constant, with seamless transitions, almost akin to whirling. The most powerful moments came in absolute stillness followed by highly energetic series of beautiful extensions, tight turns, and light, free jumps….”
Dana Reubin, Front Row Daily Review of the Dallas Arts, D Magazine
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